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21 September 2006

The Moment.

I'm listening to a Teaching Company course entitled How to Listen to and Understand Great Music. The professor talks a lot about history and how music developed in the past few centuries. I'm enjoying the history lessons as much as the music lessons. And I think: As soon as this particular moment in time passes, it will be history too. In fact my entire life will be but a historical curiousity for the rest of time. Centuries from now people will look back and wonder what it was like to live "back then". It's all so vivid and real to me, how can this be so, that this time will just be history.

If you think about it, the only thing that you are conscious of is the very instant that you are in. This is obvious, but I hardly ever think about it. The moment, the instant is all we can be concious of. In a few milliseconds it will be history, and the future milliseconds will be lived through and made into the past.

Here is a picture from my own recent past, a hike in July. I snapped the picture and didn't realize what I had recorded until I looked at the photos later. This picture is right side up, it really is. It is good to look back at even your own recent history, even though you lived the moments: surprises can be found.

July 06 hike