21 July 2018

I was sitting in my favorite chair, with my 4 year old grandson crawled onto my lap. For some random reason, I pulled his hand into mine, and laid it next to mine. I said, “Dzo (pronounced Joe), your skin has such a beautiful color, you are a black little boy”. He said to me “No, I am not!”. Okay.

He was in a quiet mood, so I went to get my “Obama” book of photographs. This is a large “coffee table” book of photographs of Obama in office by Pete Souza. I started turning the pages, and on each one I said “this is Obama”. And I said “your mommy is white, and your daddy is black, just like Obama”. The next challenge as I turned the pages was “Dzo, find Obama in this photograph”.

He kept turning pages. Each picture showed our ex-president Barrack Obama in a different situation. Dzo poked his figure correctly on Obama each time. Obama with his daughters. With his wife. Dancing. Enjoying music. Playing with kids in costumes. Playing with any kids at all. Walking with their dog. Covering his face with the horror of another terrorist or school shooting attack. Working with diplomats. Worrying about some terrible world situation in the Oval Office. Playing basketball. Speaking in front of crowds.

I had to leave the room to attend to my other grandchild. I came back, and Dzo was still carefully paging through my book.

I miss having a president like Obama. I cling to my grandson, loving his essence.

Dzo cooking

09 April 2017

How to turn an obsession into a quilt.

I admit it. I have trouble throwing things away. I am sort of a hoarder, and officially OCD.

I have always loved to sew. That means I've made hundreds of shirts, dresses, shorts, kids' clothes, and costumes. And I've saved the leftover fabric from each project. About 30 years ago, I decided to cut the leftover fabric into 4x4-inch squares, so that I could make a quilt "someday". When I retired, I spent several months going through more of my old material and cutting it into squares.

But dang! I ended up with a big bin of these squares! Now I am making quilts, and used the Hawaiian prints to make one. Still, I have tons of squares left, but now I prefer to buy new fabric to make quilts.

What to do?

Well, I bought a serger a couple weeks ago. An online video showed me how to make a quilt from scraps. The technique produces a quilt that is already reversible and does not need to be "quiltes". I decided it was a good way to practice using the serger and using more of those 4x4-inch squares. Here is the project in progress:


Crazy, huh? Oh well. That's me.

28 June 2016

Little boy with cow.

Dzo in raft

My toddler grandson, asleep in the raft in the pool.

12 April 2016

film shot


This was shot 1n 1994 on a film camera. I found it while organizing the negatives that I scanned in years ago.

I like it. But I am a sucker for sunrises and sunsets – I have a rotating set of such photos on my cooking blog header. I thought about adding this one in there, but I would have had to crop off all the good stuff, like the rays coming up out of the clouds. I didn't touch the color settings. Maybe film caught and reproduced light differently from my digital DSLR. Maybe there is more to explore in that old medium: film.

06 October 2015

Dzo and the Pumpkin Patch

I couldn't resist slinging my good camera over my shoulder as we headed out the door to go to the Pumpkin Patch in Longmont, Colorado. After all, this is my first grandchild's first visit to a bit of Americana.

Dzo (pronounced "Jo") has been living with his mom, my daughter, in Colorado since late July. He will be two mid-December. Born in Togo, West Africa, cold weather is a bit of a new thing to him.

I lifted Dzo onto a haystack amidst multicolored gourds and pumpkins.


A bit of longing in his eyes for his dad, my son-in-law, who is still in Africa?


And who is Dzo reaching for?


Ah, a smooch from Mom. "Look at all the fun we are going to have!"


Wagons! Look at the pile of wagons! One of his favorite things.


And what do you do with an American Flyer wagon? Climb in, of course.


He went by wagon to the petting zoo, but the pile of goats was a bit much for him.


He put a pumpkin in the wagon (but I didn't get a photo). Then on to ringing a bell:


Mom and son have fun in the train.



Dzo loves anything with wheels, like cars. So his mom puts him in a little car on a track. He plays happily with the steering wheel.


But what's this? The car begins to move:



A bit disconcerted the first time around:


Last lap.


Guess that's not his favorite passtime. How about a nice stationary old farm truck to sit in?


Now that's one happy little boy! Time to leave the pumpkin patch, with plans to bring Daddy back in a couple weeks to show him the sights!


15 July 2015

Aging and acceptance.

Finally. I will accept something of my brain: I will never really understand the theory of relativity and space time physics. I started trying in sophomore college physics. Now I will "let it go".

But I know the answer to this question of time: "If I saw myself across a river, like a river of time, would I look myself in the eye, blink, or wave?"

Today I would look myself in the eye and smile and wave. Maybe jump up and down a bit.

This moment. I have met my dreams. They fill my days.

I love being retired.

This refers back to a previous post.

Guanacaste Costa Rica
photo from our spring trip to Costa Rica

15 March 2014


5:45 am. I close my audiobook and my eyes and roll my head sideways on the pillow. Should get up soon. Slowly my eyes open. Nearly-full moonlight fills my room. Sideways I look to the moon. I see a skeleton facing me in the sky, stretched lengthwise on top of the hills, elongated head reaching south, two legs reaching north, hands to the sides . . . the big moon sits in the pelvic bones, in the womb of the skeleton.

Sleepily I hold my gaze on the apparition. It slowly moves and metamorphoses into a bright moon shining above a silver-lined cloud. Innocent, normal, beautiful.

If I sort of unfocus my mind and stare through closed lids as I am about to fall asleep, I can see dream images form. If I don’t think too much about it, I can watch them move around. Soon I am actually asleep and in their world. I have often pulled myself awake in the wee hours of the morning, shaking off images that leave me a bit shaky and unhappy. It all goes away when I fully wake.

That skeleton I saw in the sky this morning looked just like one of my lucid dream images.

Full moon tomorrow. I feel connected with mysteries.

12 August 2013


6 a.m. Sunday. August 4. Home in Colorado. The kitchen . . . that smell in the kitchen . . . I lean in close . . . peaches! It's that wonderful time of the year.


28 May 2013

Footprints in the snow.


May 2 dawned bright and blue and white. I opened the front door and saw bare footprints in the snow on our deck.

Why? There is a story in this. A mix of snow and heat.

We had a very snowy spring in 2013. It seemed like every Tuesday a new storm would sweep through. This one was March 4, the day my new chair was delivered:

March storm

Tax day blew in with another storm, this time a big one. John was re-doing our front deck – he had torn out the old one and put in the joists for the new one when the storm hit:

tax day storm

My cat wanted out but: There is no deck! There is a lot of snow!

cat looking at the snow

The snow hung around for a couple days. Here are the dogs in the backyard on the 17th:

dogs in the snow

Another week, another storm. The view out the back door on April 23:

April 23 storm

And a week later, it snowed again. Here is the backyard May 2:

May 2

And the view out the front of the house - the deck? - well, that's the photo at the top of this post. I'll repeat it because this is where it goes in the time sequence:


And now, the reason for the footprints:

hot tub

That's our new hot tub! John set a small one into the new deck. It came Tuesday, April 30, and by evening that day the tub was hot and a couple sixty-somethings sat in it even though the sky was pelting cold wet rain. Even though we had to carefully leap across the unfinished part of the deck to get in.

May 1 the rain turned to snow, but that didn't stop us from running barefoot across the new deck like a couple kids.

And so May 2 dawned on footprints in the snow.

16 May 2013

Finding napkins.

It was time. Time to replace my old green rocker-recliner. It was probably 30 years old. But it was the most comfortable chair I'd ever had and I was very reluctant to replace it. I'll miss the creaky sound as I sat down in it. The place for my cat above my head. The big compartment on the left side where I kept cloth napkins. The way I could get into it in a wet swimsuit and not mess anything up. Curling up any which way in the generous seat, covered with a blanket and a cat, dozing off to a movie.

But we made the commitment to a new chair, and the delivery truck was on its way. I pulled the napkins out of the compartment. Hmm, better check to see if any napkins or anything else had fallen down the sides of the cushion during the last 30 years. I reached down the crevasses and started pulling out napkins. My hand kept getting stuck, there must be a better way! I looked at the back of the chair and found that the back cover was just velcro-ed down, so I pulled it up. A whole ton of stuff poured out! Lots of dirt and peanut shells and popcorn and . . . napkins! I swear, I found this whole pile of napkins in the chair:


No need for me to ever buy napkins again.

Here's the old chair:

old chair

This photo shows how my cat used the chair as a scratching post:

old chair

Bye bye old green chair.