10 January 2006

The four S's.

I think of them as the "S" words: spirit, spirtual, soul, spirituality. Take each word individually and think about what they mean to you. To me, each word has a different meaning, a different feel. For me this is a work in progress; I hone my personal definitions as I gather input from reading, thinking, dreaming, interacting with people, and looking around at the world.

Below is a favorite input. I'm posting it here because I want to think about it some more.

"If we define the spirit (or soul) as the pattern of information of which we are made - our genes, proteins, memories and personalities - then spirituality is the quest to know the place of our essence within the deep time of evolution and the deep space of the cosmos."

Source: The Skeptic column by Michael Shermer, Scientific American, Dec 2005.


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