19 January 2006


It came to me, about a week ago. I woke up at the tail end of a dream and remembered clearly hearing this phrase: "it's deewa". (In the dream) I was on a hill looking over an ocean and I heard this answer to all my questions about how our spirits are connected. (At least I think that was my question.) It bothers me a little that I don't know how the word is spelled, but I can live with that. Deewa, accent on the first syllable.

This morning I awoke from another dream. We were going off on a trip and who should show up but the most obnoxious woman we had ever met, and she had decided to stay with us. We tried to tell her that we were leaving but she just began to heave herself out of the passenger side of the truck. Again it came to me: "it's deewa". Maybe deewa has multiple meanings, like "aloha". Or maybe deewa is like karma.

Here is a picture of my doggies snuggling on the couch. I'm taking a chance here that my dh never reads my blog, since the big dog isn't allowed on the couch. Shhh, deewa.

snuggling puppies


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