22 February 2006

A Day.

I headed out from home this morning, my mind slow and relaxed. What is it today, Wednesday? Wednesdays are nice. But then so are Tuesdays, and Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Fridays and Sundays. A Wednesday might have a different flavor than a Sunday, but it is just as enjoyable. This morning I am confident that the day will be filled with plenty of interesting activities for my mind and for my body. I take a few minutes to go outside in the near-dawn; what a peaceful way to begin the day.

mountain view 1

It bothers me when the morning newspeople say on a Friday: "Congratulations! You made it through the week!" That means they throw away 5/7 of their life.

Another picture of the view from the front of our house just before the sun came up is on the next page.

mountain view 2


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