23 October 2013

June 14: Afternoon and evening.

Here I am in October, writing about our June trip, and I find that my written journal for the rest of June 14 is sketchy. (Perhaps because of the gin and tonic incidence . . . more below.) I know that we left Gocek around 3 pm and cruised to a shipbuilding ghost town, but my photos don't clearly show this. From the times on the photos, I do know that within an hour, our boat had docked for the night in a new cove. We swam and snorkled. Below are a few of my photos.

Cruising the bay.

from our gulet

A nice view of gulet #1.

gulet 1

Our captain was making a trap for fish, you can see it here on the prow of the boat.


A very cool sailboat with black sails passed.

black sailboat

black sailboat

Coming into the cove where we spent the night.



Looking back out to the sea.

looking out to sea

As the sun set, gulet #2 tour members gathered for cocktail hour. What, tonic, but no gin? Help, we need gin! We waved our arms and shouted to our tour members on gulet #1 and asked if they had any gin, but they said no. Our captain radioed all the other captains in the cove, but none was to be found. Oh well, we would just have to make do with what was on board. And that we did.

Ah, the problems of travel.

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