05 October 2006


Very little thanks for it.

Here's the deal. I went to the Wells Fargo drive-up bank this morning. I deposited a check for $400 and asked for $155 back, making the deposit total $245 with $155 in cash for me. I get the deposit slip and the money. The slip reads "$245 deposited to account and $155 cash back." But as I drove off and fumbled to put the money away at the stoplight, there seemed to be a whole lot of 20-dollar bills in the pile. When I got to work, I carefully counted the money. $255. Sure enough, there was an extra $100.

Hmm. I could keep this $100, the bank will not be able to trace it, it could have been any of their customers this morning that received an extra one hundred in cash.

This money could be mine.

I thought about it. (Blue money.)

But I phoned the bank and told them their mistake. I didn't want a low-paid teller to get into trouble, didn't want to ruin someone's day. I wouldn't feel right using the money.

I talked with the teller and she gave me a little "thank-you" and adjusted my deposit amount.

I felt like I should have gotten a big, huge, enthusiastic thank-you, or maybe a lollipop.

blue money


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