19 January 2008

Changing categories.

I was in a treatment room at the doctor's office for a routine dermatology appointment last week. Actually, the day was my birthday. The door was closed but I could hear the nurses and doctors talking about patients as they walked noisily up and down the corridor. I heard one of them say " . . . the older woman in room . . . "

Could they mean me? Am I now in the category of older people?

Later, at home, I looked at my face in the mirror. Not the usual cursory glance to make sure I am somewhat presentable, but a full, glasses-on scrutinization. Perhaps those deep lines, lost eyelashes, waddly neck skin do make me appear "older". Sometimes I sit on the couch and study my hands, intrigued by the many patterns of wrinkles and folds of skin and age spots.

I don't mind much, but it is interesting to know that others think of me as older. I still think of myself as in my favorite photo of myself at 5 years old, roller-skating down the sidewalk.
older hands
Go to read more for my younger photo.

I wrote the first part of this blog entry way back in December, right after my birthday. But I didn't take the photo until yesterday. I decided to take it up at work so I could use the Olympus SLR digital camera and a tripod. It took me all this time - over a month - to get motivated enough to dig out the Olympus and set it up on the tripod. And then, both sets of batteries did not want to charge up, so I had to bring some AAs from home. To take a photo of both my hands at once, I had to dig out the manual and figure out how to set it for delayed shutter activation. I hadn't used the camera in over a year and I was rusty. It still is an excellent camera and I like the feel of it in my hands again.

Anyway, as promised, here is the photo of me on my 5th birthday.


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