19 March 2008

A good TP day.

Walking in from my car to work, I was thinking of noting how nice the day was in a blog entry. The usual mushy stuff, like, the sky is blue, spring starts tomorrow, things in general are going well in my life, how it's good to stop and appreciate the good times, blah blah and rah rah. (Although I really mean it.)

Then something really cool happened. I went to the rec center and was getting ready for my workout. And then - and then! - I noted that in the stall the case that usually covers the toilet paper roll was off and folded back. The whole huge roll was exposed! No reaching up to try to find the start of the roll. No getting my hand stuck between the roll and the case. No spinning the roll one way and then the other hoping that the end would dislodge and decide to let the user know where the start was. No pulling on the end of the cheap paper and having it crumble into small bits. I could gracefully unwrap as much as I wanted.

I sat there staring in rapt amazement. Now THAT'S the sign of a good day.


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