26 August 2008


Tempus fugit in Hicksvillio hodie . . . Time flies in Hicksville today. My grandmother and her sister would look at each other and share a private smile.

The young dog who once leapt across the field, shaking her head and barking with the sheer joy of being alive, now pushes slowly up from the floor and puts her gray muzzle on my lap.

When this dog was a puppy, my teenaged son slumped on the couch, tired and sick from the chemotherapy that we were pouring into him.

Today he stands at the altar, a smiling young man, his bride at his side. Full of life, and love.

Take a deep breath, let time slow, look around, and savor this moment of life.


These words came to me in the early, dark morning a few days before my son's wedding. The dog is my Lucy, who was sleeping on my bed at the time - as usual. "Time flies in Hicksville today" comes from my Grandma Burch and her sister Aunt Lottie. They were born in the late 1800s in the small town of Hicksville, Ohio. Latin was, I am sure, taught in their school, and they made up the "Hicksvillio" and I think that's what they always thought was so funny. I didn't know - I was just a little girl.

I wish I'd had the nerve to say these words at the wedding as a toast, but, I truly freeze in the spotlight. Maybe it sounds too hokie anyway, but what can I say, my heritage is from Hicksville.


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