13 November 2005

Vinyl and midnight riders.

I am nearing the end of a three and a half year project of digitizing our vinyl records, about 300 in all. John and I have been together since 1971, so that's when our record collection began. We didn't have much money, and one treat was to go to the Wherehouse and buy three albums for ten dollars. Since you listened by putting the record on a turntable, you usually listened to an entire album side straight through, as intended by the artists. We learned those albums, and even today I often start singing the next track before it begins.

No, not all of the music was grand, but listening to these songs today brings up the emotions, causes, flavor of our life back in the 70s. My song for the day is Midnight Rider by Gregg Allman. It's not the lyrics I like so much but more the feel of the entire song, it's haunting.

"No, I'm not gonna let `em catch me, no.
Not gonna let `em catch the midnight rider"

I may not be a midnight person but I tend to be a rebel. I like to think for myself. No one's going to catch me and make me do what I think is stupid. I follow most of the rules, but only if they make sense to me and to society.

gregg allman


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