15 November 2005

Nature thought and another old vinyl.

My Particle Physics teacher casually used the word "nature" to encompass the laws of the small particles that physicists study. That caught my ear. I usually think of nature as the trees and the birds and the streams and all, not what goes on in small particle interactions. But when you think about it, yes, that is nature too. Dear small particles: I am not going to discriminate against you any more in my thoughts of nature.

On a much different note, let's talk about The Who. I don't consider myself a fan of The Who, but yesterday I sure enjoyed their vinyl from 1971, Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy. A few of the tracks: Happy Jack, The Kids are Alright (sounds like the Beatles), Substitute, Pictures of Lily, Boris the Spider:

. . . creepy crawly creepy crawly creepy creepy crawly crawly creepy creepy crawly crawly . . .

What can be more fun than singing that loudly? And of course the track My Generation. Such a pop song, still so much fun now, in retrospect, over 3 decades later. Hope I die before I get old, and "old" was 30! Glad I didn't buy into that idea.

Image for today's student check-out of lab drawers:



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