16 November 2005

Moon shadows.

I love moon shadows. It was bitter cold out this morning, but the moon was huge and hovering over a luminescent mountain-wave cloud so it didn't matter much. I waved my arms all around and saw my moon shadow waving its arms all around. Lucy (the big dog) had a moon shadow, and Fox (the little dog) had one too. We were quite a group today, 6 instead of 3.

Lyrics thought for the day, from Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series (2005 release) alternative take of Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues:

"It's either fortune or fame
You must pick up one or the other
Though neither of them are to be what they claim"

I have no desire for riches and I'd hate to be famous. Can you imagine people recognizing you wherever you go, and thinking they know you, and wanting to talk to or yell at you? Heck, I hate it when I go to the supermarket and someone that knows me through work sees me. Quick, the paparazzi are onto me, put on the dark glasses, duck behind the potatoes.

I'm about done with my Particle Physics course. All I want to say is: String Theory. That's the future. Nature is made of strings. It started as crazy, complicated math, but now it's proving to be true. Buy into it, invest in the future.


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