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08 July 2006

New shoelaces.

The shoelaces on my work-out shoes were so bloated and stretched that I simply had to replace them. I don't like doing this, the new laces are so dang white and the shoes so old and dirty that it looks weird. (Plus I really don't enjoy the task of lacing in new laces.) In our junk drawer at home, I found some laces that I had purchased at Payless. I took out the old laces and put in the new, but the new ones were way, way too long for the shoes. Not only were they too long, they were wimpy, thin, flat laces.

Okay, time for a trip to McGuckins, the unique-to-Boulder hardware store that has everything. They ought to have some big fat athletic style laces, the kind of laces that come with new shoes. But no, I was disappointed to find only wimpy, thin, flat laces there too. Oh well, they will have to do, and at least they aren't so long.

See how horrible the new laces in the old shoes look? And they still have their folds in them, must have been in the shoelace package for years. Do you have to buy new shoes to get good, plump laces? Is this a plot by the shoe manufacturers to get us to buy new shoes instead of fix our old ones?

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