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29 September 2008

Small joy.

This morning there was a small moth on the screen above the breadboard. I kept an eye on it in case it fell into the food I was preparing. It barely moved at all, even though I had just turned on the light in the kitchen.

When I got home from work, the moth was crawling slowly on the breadboard. I was hungry and working fast, but I still worked carefully around the moth as I made dinner. After dinner, comfortably full, I looked at the small moth and decided to take it outside so it could die in natural surroundings. I picked it up with a towel and - oops! It fell on the floor. Fox started running towards it and I yelled "No!" I tried to scoop it up with the towel but I wasn't sure it was in the towel or not. I opened the door and laid the towel on the ground outside.

And up and out of the towel the small moth flew away, high up in the air. I just stood there and watched until it reached the field at the end of the cement.

An unexpected pleasure, watching that small moth fly, alive and free in the outdoors.

A small joy.