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27 March 2010

passing in the night, on the stairs

My cat, my familiar, talks in cat tongues. Like a talkative woman she keeps up a constant chatter of different meows and arumphhs when she is up and about. Over the years (6? 7?) I have unconsiously learned her language and understand her many moods and wants.

Except last night. In the middle of the night I went downstairs for a glass of water. Halfway back up the stairs I hear the soft padding of kitty feet going down the stairs. As we pass I hear a soft, whispered, monotoned meow.

I think it was a quiet recognition of two souls passing in the night. But I'm not sure, the whole incident might have been a dream. Cats don't know that they have souls. (Do they?)

11 March 2010

Chemists only?

I honestly don't know if anyone other than a scientist will think this is bizarre, but I'm going to toss this out there in case someone else "gets it". I was ordering some 9-anthracenemethanol for the student teaching labs (I am still working, 51 days left, but who is counting!) from the Sigma Aldrich chemical supply house, and when I pulled the compound up on their web site, this is what they present to the customer: