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21 February 2011

The speed of dreams.

4:05 am

I wake up enough to look at the clock, then close my eyes to fall back asleep.

. . . I'm in Lyons, watching the road and the people driving to Estes . . . a local emergency crew rushes to set up a fake accident scene . . . they are staging a training exercise . . . we watch them for awhile . . . the crew comes inside . . . it's a public building and we prepare dinner . . . we are cleaning up . . . where is my knife? my favorite Henckel ten inch perfectly balanced chefs knife . . . my husband and I look everywhere for it . . . there are a lot of clean up areas and sinks and places knives are kept . . . I know I shouldn't have brought it but it was always safe before . . . I look in bins of knives in sink drainers in drawers on sinktops on magnetic wall holders but can't find it anywhere . . . none of the knives has the same feel or look . . . I mutter to my husband "it cost a hundred dollars" . . . I can't believe someone took it . . .

I come up out of the dream . . . at first in the blurry dream world where I know my knife is gone and then to the point where I make myself come to full wakefulness and make myself think about my knife safe in the kitchen downstairs and I know that it was just a dream. I look at the clock.

4:07 am

This is a true story: two minutes elapsed, bracketing my dream. Assume it would take some seconds - let's say 60 - to fall into and come out of a dream. So I had a minute of real-world time in a dream (as measured from an external observer) but I had about 3 hours of dream-world time: The fake accident is set up, we watch it, we prepare a meal and are cleaning up. So 3 dream-world hours per minute of real-world time. That's pretty cool!


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11 February 2011

What's this?

It seems my piles of clean, folded laundry items have grown in number. They used to fit on half the bed, now they take up the whole space.

I know what it is: Now I have piles for exercise clothes and for around-the-house-but-not-ratty clothes. And the pile of out-and-about clothes (e.g, work clothes) is very tiny.

laundry piles