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06 September 2011

Goals and cliches.

Often after dinner and a game of computer solitaire, I read through old emails. I gather writings that capture like a photograph my thoughts during my son's treatment for cancer. I ponder my writings on other topics: what was I thinking about life when I was over a decade younger? I find things I had forgotten, little happenings that now bring into sharp focus what my days were like. And I capture ideas that still speak to me. It's me learning who I was and finding who I am. And add an underlying: what should I do now, what are my goals?

Tonight I read something from 2002 that lets me know I'm still the same old goal-wonderer, but with a twist that made me smile:

"I'm pretty sad that Tammy is going off to college. The house will feel empty. I'm having some problem with goals. Having kids and caring for them took so much of my life, and was my goal for so long. Typical (pre) empty nest syndrome, such a cliche. Stupid cliches, there is so much more to them when you actually live them."

Yup, that's me.

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