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22 January 2013

Cub Lake revisited

Today we hiked to Cub Lake, the same lake we visited last September. Since that time the Fern Lake Fire swept through Rocky Mountain National Park. See the difference a fire (and winter) made on the view.

Cub Lake September 2012

Cub Lake January 2013

Didn't see any chipmunks as we sat and ate our nuts.

21 January 2013

A rare sighting.

Here we are, together for a brief time on one continent, in one country, one state, one house. It's been over two and a half years since this has happened.

Macks 2013

That's James, and John, and me, and Tammy. Thank you Lindsey for taking the photo, I was so caught up in the experience that I almost forgot to get a still of the moment. Hopefully our next reunion won't be after such a long time span: Tammy will finish her service with the Peace Corps in Togo at the end of March, 2013.