10 November 2011

Walking back from the market.

We were kind of loaded down, and the heat makes you extra worn out (at least that's our excuse). So the journey back from the market to Tammy's complex took awhile.

Tammy and John walking back to her house, through a park. Note the huge sack on Tammy's head.

This cute little girl wanted her picture taken, and I was glad to oblige!

Tammy said "Let's stop at the bar for a beer." We of course agreed! It's hot, and we are tired and thirsty. We sat in a shady area that is her favorite bar. The bar girl would come walking all the way out to us with our beers, usually "Flag" beer.

Tammy and Patty at the bar. Note the bell on the table (it looks like an upside copper funnel). You use it to summon the bar girl for your next drink.

This photo is taken from the table we were sitting at, looking towards the bar on the corner. Yes, those are chickens.

Tammy and Patty.

Bar fowl.

After a nice chat and rest, we continued our journey back to Tammy's. But first, we stop at a little tailor shop. Tammy knows the guy who runs it, says he is the best tailor, as long as he isn't drinking. Inside the shop are some fabrics, tables, sewing machine, and on the walls, poster-sized books of all types of shirts, skirts, and dresses. John and I flip through all the pages of the huge books and finally choose a couple styles. Tammy negotiates (in French) what the tailor will make and how much it will cost. We leave two of the fabrics we had bought at the market that morning with the tailor. The tailor was very animated and talkative, but I had no idea what he was saying. And I did smell alcohol on his breath! (This thread will be continued later in the blog.)

After the tailor's, we continue on our way. We do only one more stop, this time to get a little something to drink for the evening. We step into a dark little shop. There are bottles of all sorts on the table and on shelves. Tammy talks to the guy (in French) and he pours some liquor (probably imported gin) into a baggie.

This is how liquor is often sold in Tsevie.

Okay, finally we are on our last leg to Tammy's. This time, John is carrying the big bag.

On the streets of Tsevie, closing in on Tammy's complex.

In general, we found it nicer in Tsevie than in Accra, it's less crowded and the pace is less frantic.

Next: At Tammy's complex.


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