16 May 2013

Finding napkins.

It was time. Time to replace my old green rocker-recliner. It was probably 30 years old. But it was the most comfortable chair I'd ever had and I was very reluctant to replace it. I'll miss the creaky sound as I sat down in it. The place for my cat above my head. The big compartment on the left side where I kept cloth napkins. The way I could get into it in a wet swimsuit and not mess anything up. Curling up any which way in the generous seat, covered with a blanket and a cat, dozing off to a movie.

But we made the commitment to a new chair, and the delivery truck was on its way. I pulled the napkins out of the compartment. Hmm, better check to see if any napkins or anything else had fallen down the sides of the cushion during the last 30 years. I reached down the crevasses and started pulling out napkins. My hand kept getting stuck, there must be a better way! I looked at the back of the chair and found that the back cover was just velcro-ed down, so I pulled it up. A whole ton of stuff poured out! Lots of dirt and peanut shells and popcorn and . . . napkins! I swear, I found this whole pile of napkins in the chair:


No need for me to ever buy napkins again.

Here's the old chair:

old chair

This photo shows how my cat used the chair as a scratching post:

old chair

Bye bye old green chair.


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