20 July 2013

June 7: Istanbul, Mannequin Row

The bus ride back to the Divan takes almost an hour. It's 3-4 pm on a Friday and there is a ton of traffic near Taksim Square. As we drive, we look out at the buildings and shops. I take out my camera, since I recall from yesterday the mannequins in the shops somewhere along our route. They had me in a giggling fit.

Oh, here we come . . . I see one! The bus is moving but you get the picture.

male mannequin

A couple street scenes. Did we miss the rest of mannequin row?

street scene

street scene

Ah! Here we are. Luckily the bus stops.




Pretty risque images for a Muslim country!


I can see why one might want a mannequin of a pregnant lady, but why a collie?

Here’s another one.


Not a great photo, because the bus is moving, but here is the "big guy" mannequin that we laughed at yesterday:


My final great photo:


(You can visit the above shop's website for their selection of mannequins.)

What a day. Sultan Ahmet Square, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and now naked mannequins. Finally we are back at our hotel. We go for a swim. Dinner is on our own and we are not very hungry, but probably will go out later to look around and get a drink and a snack.

The day, or shall I say the evening, is not over yet.

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