31 July 2013

June 9: Lunch and ferry ride

We had lunch at a cafe in Maydos, on the Dardanelles side of the Gallipoli peninsula. Someone offered to take a photo of us, so here is one of those rare items:

John and Patty

Our places were set and salads ready when we arrived. The meal was a good example of fare in Turkey. Beer and wine were available, but they cost extra. First course, fresh greens with some vegetables. We dressed the salads with some of the wonderful olive oil and lemon juice from the containers you see on the table.

Maydos lunch

Next was a squash soup, gently spiced.

Maydos lunch

A pastry stuffed with vegetables:

Maydos lunch

Next, a stew with different vegetables, and I think a little lamb. Common vegetables were eggplant, different sorts of beans, and carrots in a tomato-based broth.

Maydos lunch

Dessert was small bites of different types of baklava and a small honey-soaked sponge cake.

Maydos lunch

Afterwards, John walked out on the pier over the Dardanelles.

Maydos lunch

The ferry across the Dardanelles leaves on the hour, and Ali wants to catch the 2 pm ferry. It was only a short distance from the cafe. There was a memorial park along the way:

way to ferry

Here is our ferry. It’s big enough for our large bus and a lot of autos too.


The crossing takes about 45 minutes. We walk around the ferry boat. There is a snack bar, but no drinks are available. Here are some photos of the boat and the views.

on the ferry

on the ferry

on the ferry

Now we are on the continent of Asia. This whole Europe-Asia continent thing is hard to understand, because it is actually one land mass. The Ural mountains in Russia designate the continental boundary. Some geographers call it one continent, “Urasia”. Turkey is generally considered part of the “Middle East”.

Just off the ferry, there is a “Trojan Horse” in a park:

Trojan horse

That’s our next destination: Legendary Troy!

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