22 November 2015

Paris Trip 8

This is our last full day in Paris. Before we leave for today's adventures, I take my camera downstairs to shoot some photos of the Hotel Du Lion and our neighborhood.

I'll get to those photos in a second. First, a note on another track. France's military showed its presence throughout our stay in Paris. Often we saw camouflage-uniformed men in groups of twos and threes carrying guns, on the streets and in the metro. Clearly the security in Paris was stepped-up compared to what I see in the US. As I write this blog entry in November 2015, it is just a week since the terrorist attacks on Paris on November 13. We watched the coverage on TV and felt sorrow for the people of Paris. So senseless.

Our room at the Hotel du Lion was on the second floor, the lobby on the first. These are the steep stairs down to the street from the lobby:


Looking back up:


The door to Hotel du Lion does not have a huge front and lobby. Just a door, then the stairs to climb:


Looking one way down our avenue. Yes, that's a McDonalds right next door. Down a ways are a couple ATMs. It was easy to find cash in Paris.


A metro station is right by the hotel door (no photo). I crossed the street to the Rue Daguerre with its many roadside stalls "cheese, meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, wine" and market and restaurants. It's morning and vendors are setting up.


Halfway down the Rue Daguerre I turned and took a photo back towards the hotel.


A bus goes by.


Then the people cross. I follow them, then climb up to our room to get ready for our last day in Paris.


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