21 July 2018

president past

I was sitting in my favorite chair, and my 4 year old grandson crawled onto my lap. For some random reason, I lay his hand next to mine. I said, "Dzo (pronounced Joe), your skin has such a beautiful color, you are a such a handsome black boy". He said to me: " I am not" (he is).

He was in a quiet mood, so I went to get my "Obama" book of photographs. This is a large "coffee table" book of photographs of Obama in office, taken and compiled by Pete Souza. I started turning the pages, and on each one I said "this is Obama". And I said "your mommy is white, and your daddy is black, just like Obama's parents". I then gave Dzo a challenge as I turned the pages: "Dzo, find Obama in this photograph".

We kept turning pages. Each picture showed our ex-president Barrack Obama in a different situation. Dzo poked his figure correctly on Obama each time. Obama with his daughters. With his wife. Dancing. Enjoying music. Playing with kids in costumes. Playing with any kids at all. Walking with their dog. Covering his face with the horror of another terrorist or school shooting attack. Working with diplomats. In the Oval Office worrying about some terrible world situation. Playing basketball. Speaking in front of crowds.

I had to leave the room to attend to my other grandchild. I came back, and Dzo was carefully paging through my book.

I miss having a president like Obama. I cling to my grandson, loving his essence.

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