28 October 2011

Photos of the Oasis Hotel and Cape Coast.

This post is a photo shoot. Briefly, so far this blog has summarized our up to the first Wednesday of our trip, having arrived on a Monday. We spent two nights at the Oasis Hotel, so we had an entire day in Cape Coast to kick back and enjoy. The hotel was right on the beach and we all had paperbacks to read, or we just dozed on the lounge chairs. Tammy was training for the AIM marathon the upcoming Sunday, so she got up early to run 7 miles before breakfast (while it's still a little cool).

We found that breakfast at the hotel was the same flat eggs and oiled bread (no jam) as before, so the search for a good breakfast and real coffee is still on. I found a few souvenirs at a stand near the Castle, beaded necklaces and bracelets and a multicolored purse. We enjoy a mid-day meal at the Castle Restaurant, notably, chicken curry for me. In the evening, we found our hut-room dark and hotter than the outdoors, and it's hard to find enough to do all evening inside without TV or good light, so the outdoor Oasis bar was the answer for a couple hours of conversation and cool drinks, especially with the sound of the surf to enjoy. Basically, we settle in and start enjoying ourselves! So, I'll share some pictures. And the next post will be about the Canopy Walk that we took on this same Wednesday.

And remember, click on a photo to see a larger version!

John outside the entrance to the Oasis.

The bar and restaurant area of the Oasis.

From the Oasis entrance, the opposite direction, up towards the town of Cape Coast.

View of Victoria Park, just outside the Oasis entrance.

Our hut at the Oasis. It was so cute, both inside and out! It had a toilet and a shower.

I have lots more pictures for this day - click on "more" to see them all!

Another view of Victoria Park.

John and Tammy walking up to the street outside the entrance to the Oasis.

Our hut at the Oasis.

The sitting area outside the Oasis.

View of the ocean from the Oasis.

Kind of dark, but you can see the slave Castle from the Oasis.

Victoria Park.

Tammy walking up towards Cape Coast.

The slave Castle.

Tammy leading the way up the streets of Cape Coast on the way to find the tro-tro station.

I got a kick out of the sign "Tako Bell Fast Food".

Tammy and John in Cape Coast. The stalls were messy looking, but once we walked into a bank and were transported into another world: it was air conditioned and the men were dressed in suits and ties.

John next to the place that I do a zoom-in on in the next photo.

Another sign that made me laugh. "Down Town Copy Centre, Hire your luxury hearse/ambulance". Tammy says that funerals are big productions in Ghana and Togo. And look at the cute baby!

Street view, and Tammy too. Note the boards on the road, maybe it looks like a walkway? a sidewalk? No, that's the open sewer. You had to be really careful not to step on a bad board and fall into the sewer. I like this photo - it really shows the mix of people and stalls and cars and sewers that we became so familiar with on city streets in Ghana.

Next post: The Canopy walk.


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